I have spent many a weekend searching high and low for the perfect kimono. I tried on around 500 (maybe not that many but its was a lot) however they all seemed to make me look boxy and they bunched around my hips which is definite FAIL.Then one day my long search finally came to an end and I found what I believe is the perfect kimono for me. It has a simple line, a high-low cut and fits perfectly.


minkpink kimono

So I found the perfect kimono; now what? I have to admit, at first I found it tricky to style my kimono but after a lot of practice and waisted time, I found three ways to wear my kimono no matter what season it is.

kimono 3ways 


Kimonos look great for an evening ensemble over a little black dress or with pleather pants and some bling accessories.

kimono pink 2


Wearing a kimono under a crop jacket is a great way to add length and texture to a casual look..

kimono leather 2


A flowy maxi skirts may not seem like the best accompaniment for a flowy kimono. To make this look work try tucking the kimono in to the skirt to synch your waist and prevent extra bulk.

kimono skirt 2


1. Choose one with a simple cut if you have hips. There are a lot of kimonos with a boxy shape that gather at the hips. This gives extra bulk to that area which is not always a desired look.

2. Keep the rest of the outfit simple with fitted pieces to keep the look flattering.

3. Don’t hide your kimono away during the colder months ,add some staple winter pieces and rock the look all year round.

With spring fast approaching now is the time to start YOUR search for the perfect kimono.

With spring fast approaching now is the time to start YOUR search for the perfect kimono!


kimono collage

top left, middle, top right, 

bottom left, bottom right


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20 thoughts on “THE PERFECT KIMONO

  1. blondiebythesea

    The tan jacket combo is my fav. The kimono looks amazing on you. I’ve tried on a couple of kimonos and it looks like I’m wearing my dressing gown, oh well. Jo xx

  2. Madaline Huntsinger Federico

    I absolutely love it under the jacket – I haven’t seen it wore that way and I really really like it. I actually need to find a new kimono myself, however, I’m looking for something in a solid and all I can find are prints!

  3. Kim-Marie from Kimba Likes

    I adore kimonos. My favourite ones are vintage Japanese printed silk cropped ones that I pick up from the Rozelle Markets down the road. Adore them!

    Thanks for joining the Wardrobe Wednesday Glam Squad x

  4. Sarah Barrett

    Love this post! You have shared some great ideas for wearing a kimono, and I will play dress ups with mine and experiment a little bit. Especially love the layered look.

  5. Mystery Case

    I’m still experimenting and trying to find the right one for me. I love this post, you’ve just given me some much needed inspiration and ideas for different ways to style it.

  6. Ada Furxhi

    Hello I am Ada, nice to be here. Found you through Stylish Tuesday. I love the concept of your blog and your style. I am all about remixing my closet so I love posts like these. Your Kimono is great and you created 3 great looks with it. The first one is my favorite for sure. =)

    I welcome you to check out my blog as well. I am running a link up each day this week so stop by and link up an outfit sometime. Would love to have you. Thanks.

    P.S. I’d love for us to follow and support each other via Bloglovin too. Where is your button?

  7. abgeeney

    After trying on loads and loads of kimonos, I came to the conclusion that they just don’t suit me. But I love yours, especially the first look. It’s awesome!

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